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Immediately after his speech, cinematographer John Bailey and the head of the American Society of Cinematography, Victor Kemper, contacted him and expressed their interest in Frazier’s new lens.In order to know the how the lens worked and how the output was, they requested Frazier to make a video with the lens.Panavision was licensed to produce and market the Frazier lens.“The deal was that Panavision would patent the device, at their cost, but that I would own the patent”, Frazier said.Nobody had seen the sort of depth and clarity of filming he was achieving, and his work was unique.

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A patent in the United States was granted on March 10, 1998 for the lens.

Subsequently Frazier has obtained several patents in Australia and other countries for this lens as well as for other similar inventions relating to optical systems.

An important issue relating to Frazier’s patent application in the United States is that Frazier did not follow proper application procedures which later led to some critical problems.

Once they got the video tape, they showed it to Panavision, the largest camera lens maker of the world.

Within days, Panavision was knocking on Frazier’s door.

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