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In today’s social sciences the notions of globalisation, Global or World Society have become increasingly popular.

Many disciplines, most of all political science and sociology, began to consider contemporary ›societies‹ in some way stronger interrelated and interdependent.

NRMs können demnach als Folge sowie als Triebkraft der Globalisierung von Religion in der Weltgesellschaft verstanden werden.

More precisely, the thesis holds that 1) religion must be seen as a global function system within the World Society and 2) that NRMs are not only products but at the same time crucial to the momentum of the process of globalisation of religion.

In order to show this, we shall firstly provide a short introduction to globalisation from a systems theoretical perspective.

To date, the field of globalisation theories is multifarious and often the different approaches are mutually incompatible.

For reasons of space, this essay cannot provide a sound introduction into globalisation theories, but has to confine itself to a short outline of only one approach.

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