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“The Linx network was built with an old-world style DNA of courtship, trusted referrals, and concierge service to clients, whether that means making dinner reservations or 24-hour access to advice, coaching, and support through the dating process.” Linx Dating’s matchmaking services aren’t for everyone.

Amy said she targets a specific type of educated, successful, and relationship-minded clientele.

“I have a higher confidence in making another million dollars than I do in finding a spouse,” he said.

Amy’s job as a high-end matchmaker in Silicon Valley is to help her clients get out of their own way and find a compatible date by tapping into a curated network of singles.

Linx Dating also has a database of 25,000 singles who can be matched to VIP and premium clients.

The matchmakers also comb through social media and interview hundreds of potential date candidates only to suggest isolate the absolute perfect needle-in-the-haystack match for their clients.

“Word travels, and more great people join the network,” she said, “which in turn creates further positive effects.” “I highly recommend placing your trust, time, and patience with Amy,” said a Stanford-educated entrepreneur.

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Men vastly outnumber women in the area, and the singles who pursue careers in the tech world often have high intelligence quotients but low emotional quotients.Each year, she sees a handful of VIP clients paired up with someone on their level.“These clients know what they want, are willing and able to pay for our focused attention,” she said.Over the years, Linx Dating has built a global network of over 25,000 singles who serve as potential matches for a handful of VIP clients.The company’s elite matchmakers vet all clients and date candidates with care to ensure they serve only the cream of the dating crop.

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