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It is quite clear that girls on Ua Dreams differ from women on other websites.First of all, Ua Dreams employees talk to all of them in the Russian language to understand their intentions and check their documents to make certain that they are not married.

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you cant turn on the tv without seeing a naked woman selling dove soap for a commercial, or some young woman with a tight, revealing shirt on trying to promote a "late nite chat hotline" please, no one is calling that number to chat or find someone to spend the rest of their life with, theyre calling for a one nite stand.

and even going out to the store, mothers and young women are revealing their breast and legs, etc.

so whats illegal is not being promiscuous but for getting paid to be promiscuous.

so if prostitutes want something in exchange for sexual actions, thats illegal but if not, thats perfectly fine. i also find it ironic that in certain parts of the world prostitution is legal and a 'profession'.

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