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The turtles voice is herd, my lady Jzcete, IP^inter is gone with all his rainis wete : Come forth noiv with ihyn eyin columbine ; (/.

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To le avenged whatfoever fall.——— And Pirrhus fivorde was fo f:aipe xvhct.

And the apples methought fell doiun Jrorn the trees to do homage to the apples of her breafl.

L, 2, '}ti(\v.^oi,-7Z:-» oi A.:puy.ia, ra, j--=-^v« p.? So the place fliould, I think, be rendered and red.

Much was he moved at that ruefull fight 5 And flam'd with zeale of vengeance inwardly He afkt who had that dame fo fouly dight. Fullfarre was I from thinking fuch a pranke-, Tet litle kffe it luere, and mickle thanke. The lady to alight did eft require^ Whllcfl he reformed that uncivill fo j And flreight at him with all his force did go : Who mov'd no more therewith, then when a rockc Is lightly flricken with fome ftones throw ; But to him leaping lent him fuch a knocke. Bound like a bead appointed to the ftall : The fight whereof the lady fore adrad.

If Ifxuld graunt that I have doen the fame, That I mete drinhc the cup whereof fhe dranke y But that Ifcu Jd die guilt ie of the bla? That on the ground he layd him like a fencelefle blockc. Him in his iron paw he fcized had ) That when he wak't out of his warelel Te paine,. And fain'd to fly for feare of being thrall ; But he her quickly flayd, and forft to wend withalli XXIII.

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