Windows sid updating

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While this may not be relevant, I add it to the post in case it provides any additional clues.

I tried to reapply the user in the Application Tier Console Users list and it failed.

Get Windows SID(sp.[sid]) AS ad WHERE [type] IN ('U','G') AND LEN([sid]) % 4 = 0; Disclaimer: The function does a very good job at parsing Windows-based SIDs because they all happen to map to a very particular pattern (S-1-5-... For things like SQL logins, server roles and certificate-mapped logins, the pattern can be different, and the function does not account for those differences, leading to errors or bogus values.

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Last updated on April 6th, 2015Daily I use Virtual Machines to test software or to write tutorials for several cases.

To do this quickly and safely I clone a clear VM image so I perform my tests in a clear and stable Windows environment.

Tiny Numbers ORDER BY Number ) AS x ORDER BY Number FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE).value(N'.[1]','nvarchar(max)'),1,1,'') ); GO CREATE VIEW dbo.server_principal_sids AS SELECT, sp.[sid], ad.

ADsid, sp.type_desc FROM sys.server_principals AS sp CROSS APPLY dbo.

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