Wildest dating moments

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He'd already spent an entire decade virtually shirtless.But he outdid himself at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1991.

Keegan bullies Dan: It felt like high school all over again while watching these two bicker. And Jessie thought Keegan didn’t act like the “typical jock" -- sigh.6. Or at least, thats what Katie, the craziest contest in “Dating Naked” history, said.7.

And in a grungy decade that was embracing anti-corporate sentiment, they created a furor. If you don't own your masters, your master owns you." He reverted to "Prince" in 2000, but by then, his name change had become the stuff of pop-culture legend.

"When you stop a man from dreaming," he continued in , "he becomes a slave. Two marriages, dalliances with numerous collaborators over the years – Prince sang songs about sex, lust and love from a well-informed perspective.

" It's an existential question for an existential time in Prince's life.

After numerous tussles with his label, Warner Bros.

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