Whos ciara dating russian dating secrets

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I truly believe our foundation is positioned to make a lasting difference in the world.” Russell was previously married to high school sweetheart Ashton Meem, but the couple divorced in 2014. Russell spoke about their relationship during a talk he gave at The Rock Church and admitted to calling his own shot even before meeting Ciara.“I told somebody that’s the girl I want to be with before I even met her,” Wilson said at The Rock Church per CBS Sports.

“Before I met her, I was like ‘I’m probably going to end up with Ciara.’ She’s a special girl.

The couple has a daughter, Sienna, that was born in 2017.

Russell also plays a role in helping raise Future, Ciara’s son from her previous relationship with rapper, Future. He also likes to have fun—he’s very spontaneous and we just have a good time as a family.”Learn more about Russell, Ciara and their family.

A year later, Ciara debuted her relationship with the Seattle Seahawks quarterback at the White House State Dinner for Japan.

That doesn’t even go into the same sentence,” Ciara told E! “He inspires me, he’s so driven and very ambitious, and he’s always working hard whether he’s on the field or off the field.

I’m truly grateful every day to get to come home and it puts a smile on my face every time.”Ciara also has a son, Future, from her previous relationship with Future. To be able to come home and see little man and also see the new one too as well, see little Future and see Sienna, it’s really cool to be around them both.”Russell and Ciara won the internet after posting their rendition of Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge.

Ciara and Future’s legal battles have been well-documented, but it sounds like Wilson treats little Future like his own.“A little bit less sleep,” Wilson explained to Seattle PI. The video showed the two dancing, but it really was just Ciara dancing while Russell watched in the background.

Russell proposed with a 16-carat diamond engagement ring.

Russell and Ciara appear to be all smiles since their marriage.

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