Who is sully erna dating 2016

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His family has an extensive background in music as his dad was a prominent trumpet player while his great-uncle was a famous music composer in Sicily, an autonomous island in the Italian region.Every year, the island honors Sully’s great-uncle by playing his music and hanging his pictures in museums.He has been a member of the American heavy metal band, Godsmack for so many years and counting.Ever since he became prominent in the music circle, he has worked with renowned labels Universal Musical Group and Republic Records as well as popular singer Lisa Guyer, power metal band Meliah Rage, and Strip Mind.The Godsmack vocalist was born to his parents Salvatore Erna and Connie Erna as Salvatore Paul Erna Jr.on February 7, 1968, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in the United States.As years passed, the singer took to music and later had his big break in 1993 when he landed his debut record deal with the band, Strip Mind.

Immediately after he stopped taking his music lessons, Sully began practicing at home, scoring songs by several rock bands such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Motörhead.

Outside the music stage, he has performed exceptionally well on the screen too, having appeared in a slew of television series, films, documentaries, his band’s live performance, and home videos.

His most recent work is Together with his bandmates, Sully Erna has produced the following musical records Godsmack (1998), Awake (2000), Faceless (2003), The Other Side (2004), IV (2006), Good Times, Bad Times…

The two have been very supportive of their brother’s career right from day one.

At the age eleven, Sully decided to stop playing music from the sheet and rehearsing with his instructors.

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