Who is max green dating

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Although it does say she gets married and has children, Max is not mentioned, so we can conclude that Liesel married someone else instead of Max.

All information on this page is my interpretation and opinion about the history of the Ambassadeur reel as I understand it.

No one's getting catfished in this relationship, and it's a win-win for everyone.

Check out some of the couple's sweet Instagram pics below.

One may be surprised at just how good Grandpa's old reel will look when it has been properly cleaned.Email me with questions and I'll be glad to help you.Let me make one quick point for the new collectors reading this.That's the day I knew if I wanted to collect them, I had to learn about them.During all my years of collecting, Simon has been the biggest influence in my collecting life and I wish to thank him for that very much.

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