Who is mandy dating

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See Also: Barbra Streisand Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband and Kids Without any doubt, Mandy is a very beautiful woman and has sure had her own fair share of relationships in the past even though she cannot be placed in the class of women who have dated almost all available men.

The first person that she is known to have dated was Michael Lubic.

She also grew up as a very athletic and competitive child who played sports such as football, basketball, softball, and a host of others including dancing and gymnastics.

He has stated that his new year resolution for 2018 was to marry her.

The wrestler has for some time now been taking to his Instagram to share her pictures and say sweet things about her.

More so, he has been using the #dozsfuturewife tag when sharing her pictures even though it still remains unknown whether that is winning him some points with her after she replied that his new year resolution is the same as that of many other men.

Mandy is married to Dawes musician Taylor Goldsmith.

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