Who is diego gonzalez dating

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Diego Boneta girlfriend has also talked with her relationship with her father that has created another family with another woman and has two children, she states that her relationships with his family are good and they get along.

Diego Boneta girlfriend also notes that she got her smile from her father and the color of her skin also.

Paz, a slender, dark-haired grocery clerk, wanted Gonzalez dead because she was angry that he was dating someone else but was still calling her from time to time for sex, Mc Greevy argued.Although he never knew his maternal grandfather, Otto Boneta, a songwriter and psychiatrist, Diego credits him for his musical talents.His songs were synchronized in the telenovela Rebelde and, once finished, he went on an international tour with Mexican pop group RBD as a guest.So Diego can be happy to have such a girl as Michelle.Diego Andrés González Boneta (November 29, 1990) is a Mexican singer and actor.

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