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It seems subtly implied that she's less afraid Tori is going to make a move and more so that Beck is the one with the hidden crush, which is one of the reasons she may constantly lash out at Tori not to mention her own possible confused feelings for Tori, but that's for the YMMV category and try to anger her enough to leave the clique. She didn't kiss Beck because she wanted to, she did it because her character was supposed to.

Given if that is her worst fear her reaction post-"Tori Goes Platinum" is a bit of a headscratcher, considering she seems to brush off Beck's almost kiss with Tori, which he initiated and so willingly gets back together with him despite that "What If? She doesn't feel threatened by Cat and she didn't flip out, I know their friends and all but if any girl kissed Beck she would go full blast bitch on you. Tori, on the other hand, was doing improv, and kissed Beck for the sole purpose of pissing Jade off.

In short, Andre is close to Tori and is also the reason she attended HA she wasn't going to take the offer until he asked the audience for their opinion of her.

It's been several episodes now since Tori helped Jade get back together with Beck which is often taken by fans as the number one sign that Tori isn't out to steal Beck from Jadebut Jade still seems to be suspicious of Tori's every move.Well sure, but by now she should know Tori better than that.Tori's done everything she could to build an admittedly tenuous friendship with Jade.Not to mention that, as said earlier, Beck doesn't exactly help to ease that jealousy. Between his relaxed attitude on the subject and how every girl in the series seems to find him attractive, her jealousy is pretty reasonable. That last example doesn't really count, as at that point they were broken up, and he was most likely just trying to move on, having excepted that it was over between them.Tori hasn't made a move on Beck since the pilot, but remember that Beck was the one who kissed Tori in that episode. Considering his serious and mature personality, its hardly out of character for him.

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