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I do think wrestling increases the risk of earlier height loss. But this guy never seen a day when he was 6' 5", or 6' 4", he is 6' 1". Maybe 6' 2" or 6' 3" before neck surgeries, so I'll put 6' 2.5" at his peak. said on 16/Jul/18I saw him at a club once in downtown Toronto around 1998/99.Any repetitive impact/twisting motions over time might cause damage. I always thought I was 6'1 or 2 but officially measured at a dr. I had my club attire on consisting of boots with a 2' heel so I'm about 6'5 with those boots on.Not to mention he had a much more slender frame which can create the illusion of being taller. said on 15/Jul/18My friend and I were at a club in downtown Toronto around 1999. My friend spotted Edge at the bar and told me to stand next to him which I did.But then you watch his segment with Sheamus where he was in casual clothes but was wearing thick soles on his shoes and looked taller. Of course we weren't back to back being measured but my friend said I was noticeably an inch or two taller... When your next to that person you feel shorter or taller and I did feel like I was taller but who knows.... said on 22/Jun/18I think 6'3" for peak is definitely most likely.Aries Multiracial Amy has French, Puerto Rican and Irish ancestry. She is a retired professional wrestler and a former WWE Diva.Amy Dumas attended numerous schools but completed graduation 6 months before the actual period from Lassiter High School. Amy is the lead singer of the punk rock band The Luchagors.A few years before this photo Adam looked taller in person..last few years I think wrestling wear & tear has made him lose height. He just looks like someone who naturally never weighs below 90kg or 200ps , He is still in the 188-190 frange today.He did a lot more manoeuvres in the ring that could have caused disc damage. Do you think there was room for 1.5" more inch had his angle been the same as your upright angle? said on 20/Feb/[email protected] rob I might have lost like barley a little bit actually... I bumped into him (real cool guy) whilst he was walking away from his signing booth.

Amy Christine Dumas Lita, Angelica, Miss Congeniality, Lucha Lita, The Extreme Diva, Lovely Lita Retired Professional Wrestler, Singer, Former WWE Diva Punk Rock Vocals American Lita was born on April 14, 1975, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. Straight Working in the wrestling industry from 1999 to 2006.

You are luck as a wrestler to reach age 50 with only a small fraction like 1/4 lost. My friend saw Edge at the bar, he's a short guy at 5'7 so he told me to go stand next to him to see how tall he really was.

said on 27/Jan/19I’ve been noticing since I’ve been watching a lot of Edge on the wwe network. I think at the time my friend who was really into wrestling said he was 6 listed as 6'6.

Canadian wrestler 'Edge' and actor from TV series Haven.

On his twitter he said a height/weight: "I'm only 6'4, 250, that's average in my world" and also when someone asked his real height, he said "6'5 same as the "billed" height".

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