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For instance paying for gas at a gas station, or unlocking a shared bike (we mentioned the case of Mobike) As we speak to Walkthe Chat’s clients, a common question comes over and over again: are We Chat mini-programs a substitute for my native App? In particular, We Chat mini-programs are especially convenient for users in lower-tier cities with cheaper data plans and who are more reluctant to download new Apps.

54.7% of the mini-program users come from Tier 3 or small cities, against only 43.7% of the Native App users.

But there was one problem: influencers use We Chat Subscription Accounts (somehow equivalent to Facebook Pages) to send notifications, but the articles sent on these accounts can’t contain hyperlinks!

It was therefore difficult for influencers to link to products in order to convert from content to e-commerce.

This is especially true in the E-commerce and Lifestyle services sectors, where more than 80% of top-100 We Chat mini-programs have a corresponding Native Application.Age distribution of mini-program users also depends heavily on the type of mini-programs: business card/social We Chat Mini-programs (used mostly in professional contexts) have 28% of users above 40 years old (they are the largest user group).On the other hand, We Chat E-commerce Mini-programs are being mostly used (32%) by users under 24 years old.37.6% of the Native App purchasing users spend more than 1,000 RMB every month, against only 32.4% for the Mini-program.Weipinhui and Meituan both show similar trends: There seem however not to be any significant trends in terms of gender distribution: JD.com, Pinduoduo, Weipinhui, and Meituan all seem to have a relatively similar proportion of male and female users on their Native App and We Chat Mini-program.

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