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It's a Wordpress site and we are about ready to go out and lie down on the railroad tracks rather than try to enter updates or make changes. If you can click a button and type, you can maintain your own website with our software: Rocket Fusion.

The interface is simple to use and engineered to easily accomplish the tasks you need to do, such as adding a news item, uploading a photo, or updating a menu.

We do work hard to resolve all cases as quickly as possible. More complex cases require additional time and may often require staff with specialized experience to resolve. Cases inactive for ten business days or more are marked closed with case reason Yes!

You can use you the Support Login to access your account at anytime to: You may open multiple support cases, though Web support only tracks two (2) active cases per user. Expected One to Two (1-2) quarters* *(intermediate patches made available sooner if possible).

To provide customers with the most efficient service, we request that each support case contain a single issue. Cases remain open as long as they are considered active.

We cater to businesses that prefer local companies for their services.

In fact, 98% of our 300 customers are based in Franklin County and Hampshire County, MA, and Windsor County, VT, which allows us to provide personal, in-office, face-to-face service.

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