Web software for add deleting updating data

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Now you’re ready to learn how to use these new tools together to create a true database driven web site!If you’d rather read this tutorial offline, you can download the chapters in PDF format.

The built-in function function, for example, returns a link identifier that identifies the connection that has been established.

Since you'd probably prefer to keep this kind of technical information hidden once your site is live on the Web, it's common to switch off these errors on production servers.

If you installed Apache yourself, chances are this message will be displayed.

Once again, it's prudent to use an if statement to handle errors: Note that this time, instead of assigning the result of the function to a variable and then checking if the variable is true or false, I have simply used the function call itself as the condition.

This may look a little strange, but it's a very commonly used shortcut.

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