Validating protein biomarkers november

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For ceruloplasmin, and Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein acid labile subunit (IGFBP-ALS), one-way ANOVA was used to compare mean density among the three groups.

For Vitamin D Binding protein (VDB), a two-sample t-test was used to compare the density between the groups.

Complex organ functions or general characteristic changes in biological structures can also serve as biomarkers.

Although the term biomarker is relatively new, biomarkers have been used in pre-clinical research and clinical diagnosis for a considerable time.

More specifically, a biomarker indicates a change in expression or state of a protein that correlates with the risk or progression of a disease, or with the susceptibility of the disease to a given treatment.

Biomarkers can be characteristic biological properties or molecules that can be detected and measured in parts of the body like the blood or tissue.

Tadi Uppala, Ph D, is an Associate Professor in Environmental Toxicology in the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University and the Program Director for Inland Empire Breast Cancer Research and Outreach Center. While a majority of breast cancer patients in the US are postmenopausal, more than 80% of Indian patients are younger than 60 years of age, presenting with larger tumor size, poor tumor grade, and low rates of hormone-receptor positive status much like the triple negative breast cancer among African American women who participated in the current study.

Proteins of biological significance were validated using western blot analysis.There was no significant difference in VDB protein in the luminal A and B subtypes (p=0.98).Future efforts will focus on validating the identified panel of biomarkers to gain insight into their role(s) in the etiology of aggressive breast tumors in the Indian population.The parameter can be chemical, physical or biological.In molecular terms biomarker is "the subset of markers that might be discovered using genomics, proteomics technologies or imaging technologies. Biomarkers help in early diagnosis, disease prevention, drug target identification, drug response etc.

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