Validating null in pl sql

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If you specify password rules such as the key space to be used (the characters allowed to be used in the password) or the lifetime of the password in the database or the length or many more rules that you can conjure up then these rules can be applied to every user via profiles in the database so that the passwords can be enforced including the length.

Validation of the code under test (the tested logic of procedure/function etc.) is performed by comparing the actual data against the expected data.

To do that we use concept of expectation and a matcher to perform the check on the data.

Pseudo-code: The equal matcher is a very restrictive matcher. That means, that comparing varchar2 to a number will fail even if the varchar2 contains the same number.

This matcher is designed to capture changes of data-type, so that if you expect your variable to be number and is now something else, the test will fail and give you early indication of potential problem.

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