Updating the trainz asset database

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You can then access additional Developer Tools from the Developer menu option on the Launcher, such as in-game log or post-processing settings. Usually this means your turnout is too tight or too short. What tips do you have to laying new procedural track? To ensure the new procedural track looks as good as possible, we have implemented new "radius" and "length" limits. The auto-patcher appears when a new update is available on the patch server.

Content creators, please check How To/Configure_a_spline_for_collisions for more info on creating the appropriate spline config tags. How do I access the post-processing settings and other "Developer" settings? In Launcher Developer, tick the "Enable Advanced Debug Tools" option then restart TANE for this change to take effect. What does the red circle mean for procedural track? When a red junction shows, this means that the procedural track cannot be drawn for some reason.Whenever I've had a similar thing happen during a patch install or when doing an extended database repair I open the Task Manager to see if the process is 'not responding'.If so I kill the process but what I've usually found is there are often multiple copies of Trainz listed in the Processes tab and they're using variable amounts of CPU time.Windows 10, when it is released later this year, is likely to boost your performance.The final step is to upgrade your hardware (use google to compare your current hardware benchmark versus the latest hardware). How do I import content from older version of Trainz? Not all content from older versions is "built-in" to T: ANE. This allows users to take screenshots, review them , add tags and titles, and upload to the new Trainz Gallery on Do splines and track sit directly on top of the terrain now or there is still a 0.2m offset? There is no longer an offset applied when smoothing splines.

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