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The following table summarizes the software included in GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and MATE versions: Considerable software is also available in the main repository.Many Microsoft Windows executables are automatically run in Wine.

updating sabayon 3 2-54

updating sabayon 3 2-54

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The XBMC environment can be run without loading the full desktop environment.The discovery and configuration of network cards, wireless cards, and webcams is similarly automatic.Most printers are detected automatically but require specific manual configuration through the CUPS interface. Portage is inherited from Gentoo, while Entropy was developed for Sabayon by Fabio Erculiani and others.The adoption of two package managers allows expert users to access the full flexibility of the Gentoo system and others to easily and quickly manage software applications and updates.The Entropy software features the ability of allowing users to help generate relevant content by voting and by attaching images, files and web links to a package.

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