Updating policies and procedures

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Organizations with these in place should next consider when they were last reviewed and recertified or updated.At a minimum, this review and recertification process should be a yearly activity to understand organizational changes and take any necessary action.

Procedures are affiliated with particular policies and define lower-level processes, such as daily, weekly or quarterly functions and job activities.Procedures bring a set of related functions and organizational processes together, which can then be consolidated in a well-defined category—such as hiring and termination in HR or access management in IT.Processes are typically contained within procedures, defining in detail how regular business functions are performed, whether on a repeating or as-needed basis.If current documentation is insufficient, they should start to develop a plan, prioritizing critical operations—especially those that have the greatest lack of policies, procedures and processes.They will also need to assess if they have adequate expertise and resources internally to lead the documentation effort.

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