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You can fetch the current version of the software through wget forget to make moodle/(and the rest of the source code) readable by your www server.For maximum security the files should not be writeable by your server.You also may need to modify any automated scripts you have that are parsing the output from cron.

If you are updating plugins manually, it is a good moment now to check in the Moodle Plugins directory whether there is a 3.7 version available for any plugins (including themes) that you have previously installed on your site. In the next step, you will copy it to the appropriate location in your Moodle code (see Installing plugins).

If you really, really need to keep using the old assignment (2.2) module, you should update the code to Moodle 3.0, and then replace the "mod/assignment" folder with the one from https://github.com/moodlehq/moodle-mod_assignment/releases before completing the upgrade.

Themes using Bootstrap 2 (Clean, More and Bootstrapbase) have been removed with this release.

Moodle will automatically detect the new version and perform all the SQL database or file system upgrades that are necessary.

If there is anything it can't do itself (very rare) then you will see messages telling you what you need to do.

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