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The Mini Cooper defaulted to Mid mode when I turned it on, which gives it more throttle sensitivity.Once again, the three-cylinder engine strained against the brakes when I shifted to Drive.LED headlights and automated parallel parking are two other high-tech features you wouldn't expect to find in this segment.My favorite feature of Mini cabin tech is the Mini Connected app.The cabin felt roomier when I clambered into it than in previous versions, something that may help sales if obesity trends continue.My biggest fear was that the larger size would compromise the Mini Cooper's lauded go-kart handling.The automatic transmission includes a sport program and manual gear selection.Starting the Mini Cooper with its neat little engine-start toggle switch, my first decision was whether I should drive in Green, Mid, or Sport modes, which primarily affect the throttle response.

This new Mini Cooper certainly looked larger when it showed up in the CNET garage, losing something of its Mini-ness.As part of the BMW Group, Mini has adopted the strategy of offering an almost overwhelming number of options.The example I drove came with Premium and Sport packages, LED headlights and navigation, and a host of other items, bringing the total price up to ,595.I grew to expect a grinding sound in the cabin when I drove over pebbly asphalt accompanied by more body shiver than I would have liked.The suspension isn't soft, but that also means it doesn't wallow or dive when riding over hills or taking turns.

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