Updating fedora 6

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One can then verify if the solution they worked on is correct or not.

I spent some time trying to find the solution for this, and came across numerous posts on the “Red Hat Bugzilla”, particularly this post.Have a look at the issues, feel free to pick up any open issue or create issues with various problems which you think are good to learn.Things can be as easy as a directory to another system, or setting up Tor Project and use it as a system proxy.The problem is that RHEL 8’s librepo had this defined, but didn’t actually have zchunk enabled, which caused Bad Things To Happen™.The DNF developers quickly settled on an easy fix, wrapping the define in an so it would only be defined if zchunk was enabled in librepo. This fix made it into Fedora and had no noticeable effect until libdnf was rebuilt early this month.

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