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If some users want hypervisor live patching they may want microcode updates.

Otherwise, you may be able to obtain a BIOS/firmware update which includes this microcode patch from your system vendor, or your host OS may provide a facility for loading microcode patches obtained directly from the Intel web site. Folks can use latest version of dracut with --early-microcode parameter for this, for example.Run time updates can be supported by using the xenmicrocode (never merged upstream) tool (respinned later by Luis Rodriguez with initial guest pausing support).Refer to the Xen 4.2 command line documentation for more details.Xen was later enhanced through the 4.5 release with 'ucode=scan' support which makes use of the new Linux early microcode format, for details refer to the Xen 4.5 command line documentation, Xen commit 155587481e392e4261038364e2761aab27f597ed, and Linux documentation Documentation/x86/

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