Updating borderlands 2 0 seconds

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Section 2Performing either action will bring up a window that says "Copy" and "Copy To:", this is where you can either put in a folder that you made or directly put it in your BL2 or TPS Binaries folder.

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You can right click the light green text to go to where it overwrites a previous statement and or command.You can do the same method from the beginning and left click on the mod name while holding CTRL (Control) to select multiple mods to add at once.These mods will now be added to a cyan folder called "mods", or they will be directly imported under the main mod's stuff if you had the main mod's cyan text selected when you imported the additional mods.Section 1First off, this mod is packed in a 7-Zip file, this means that you will need a program that can open the Zip file.If you do not have a program to do such, 7-Zip is free and straight forward.

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