Updating an old headboard and footboard

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Replacing may be easier than trying to find a frame that will work, especially if your bed is custom-made.Most bed frames include brackets to attach a headboard, so if your headboard is the same size and attachment type as the frame, you can just attach the two together.

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Add a set of rails to help (they come in different sizes to fit different size beds). You can even choose the right attachment to match your favorite headboard, whether it’s bolt-on or hook-on.

But if you’ve got something that’s missing some crucial pieces it can be a proclamation of doom.

That doesn’t mean you should overlook an antique metal headboard and footboard just because it’s missing its frame. Next, we ripped a 2×4 into 2×2 sections just shy of the length of our 2 x6’s, taking into account the headboard and footboard’s metal brackets.

It’s perfect for furniture – particularly in a kid’s room.

The bed was just a headboard and footboard, so we put the mattress and box spring on a metal bed frame.

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