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All email addresses go by the format ‘[email protected]’ , where domain is usually the website you sign up.

Thus ‘[email protected]’ is the email address for the person who signed up with Yahoo!

You can attach file to you emails by clicking the ‘Attach’ or similar button.

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The Internet is often called a ‘network of networks’ but it still has many of the things a network has. The problem with email over the Internet is that it would be impossible to list every person on the Internet in one place, have it current with their names, have those names be unique, and still have it be useful.

You can create and email, usually by clicking on a button or link labeled ‘new message’.

The universal icon for an email message (or just for email) is an envelope and the universal icon for ‘new’ is a star.

Email typically operates on two sub-protocols of TCP/IP, SMTP and POP3.

SMTP is used for sending email, and IMAP(or the older POP3)is used for downloading (taking off the Internet and putting on your computer) email.

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