Trey songz dating will smith marrid dating wives

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🤦🏽‍♂️I’m here with the stitch 🗣 & to also apologize for not being able to make the essence fest gig last night. that My auto immune disease is raging, but im fighting this thing & on my mission to shake back & beable to make it up to you!

I take my career & your time very seriously & the fact that you guys show up for me, endlessly.

, out tomorrow, we sat down with the Rn B singer to talk music and love. Trey Songz, renown for his raunchy videos and sexual lyrics (and good looks) is a connoisseur when it comes to matters of the heart.

After all, his music is – his words – made for women, to make them "feel good" and make them want to "make love".

However Trey can be seen in and out of his boy’s job at the 1411 Roc , ride in seperate cars and still have managed to be found out by those close in Trey’s circle.

We all know how freaky Trey is and after being hemmed up with girls all day he probably wants to let loose on his new boo at night.

Recent reports claimed that in early August, Will, 42, surprised Jada, 39, at the couple's Calabasas, Calif., mansion and discovered her with her "Hawtho RNe" co-star, Marc Anthony, who recently split from Jennifer Lopez. And now, tongues are wagging that Will is enjoying a "bromance" with R&B artist Trey Songz, who's been the subject of gay whispers himself. 18, the "Men in Black" star sat a a VIP table with Trey during an event at The Setai's penthouse in Miami's trendy South Beach - and the two reportedly hooked up again the following evening to enjoy dinner and the local nightlife.

Troy Taylor, a record exec and mentor to the singer, told THE ENQUIRER: "I know that Trey and Will have been friends for a very long time, but I can't speak to the nature of their relationship.

It's none of my business." Well we know they both are into men, so this should not be too much of a shocker. They have managed to not be seen together because of their elaborate efforts to avoid them being in the same place at the same time.

Et pour cause, le National Enquirer a décidé de remettre au goût du jour ce fameux ragot en affirmant que l'acteur de 42 ans aurait une aventure avec le chanteur Trey Songz, dont on a notamment beaucoup entendu parler ces derniers mois grâce à son tube Bottoms Up.

Ce qu'il faut savoir, c'est que Trey a lui aussi du faire face à des rumeurs d'homosexualité à plusieurs reprises durant sa carrière, alors lorsque son manager, Trey Taylor, a été interviewé et qu'il n'a su répondre que : "Je sais que Trey et Will sont amis depuis très longtemps, mais je ne peux pas parler de la nature de leur relation.

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