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In February, after a decade of rumors and requests, the pair plans to follow in the footsteps of other temporarily disbanded groups like Pink Floyd and the Eagles and embark on what's bound to be a highly lucrative world tour."Some great blob called public opinion kept demanding that me and Jimmy do something together again," Mr.

Plant said, lighting a stick of White Light Pentekel incense in his Manhattan hotel room and beginning the first in-depth interview he had done with Mr. "So the only thing we had to consider was, can we do it again? Plant exclaimed, adding a sardonic comment about two light-metal bands of the 1980's.

7, was MTV's highest-rated "Unplugged" episode ever.

An album of music recorded for "Unplugged," not all of which made the broadcast, will be released the next day by Atlantic Records.

This year, Led Zeppelin's guitarist, Jimmy Page, and singer, Robert Plant, reunited for their first long-term project since 1980.

The two performed new arrangements of a dozen Led Zeppelin songs and a handful of new pieces in Morocco, Wales and London for an MTV "Unplugged" special called "No Quarter: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page Unledded." The special, which had its premiere last week and will be rebroadcast on Monday, Nov.

So I got a few moves from Elvis and one or two from Sonny Boy Williamson and Howlin' Wolf and threw them together. Plant has added to his repertory, like singing in quarter tones and twirling, come from Arabic traditions, he said.Robert wants to go to Wales because he wrote "Down by the Seaside" there.' I said, ' Did Robert write anything in Queens? But Ibrahim also makes tapes that you can buy for 15 dirhams in the market. "I think we're in a disposable world and ' Stairway to Heaven' is one of the things that hasn't quite been thrown away yet," Mr. "I think radio stations should be asked not to play it for 10 years, just to leave it alone for a bit so we can tell whether it's any good or not."Another problem arose during the taping when Mr. Page insisted on using prerecorded drumming and an electric guitar. "We wanted to show people how to really re-dress the music," Mr. As a result, the 90-minute broadcast is classic Zeppelin bombast. "Nobody's Fault but Mine" is performed on top of a Welsh slate mine; "Kashmir" is supplemented by 35 musicians, including an English and an Egyptian string orchestra. Page uses a triple-necked guitar that he can hardly get his arms around, and Najma Akhtar, an Indian vocalist whom Mr.Plant is dating, sings the choruses as ethnic instruments rattle and hum in the background.Working on "Unledded" has only increased his belief that taking his and Led Zeppelin's music to a new level means combining it with ethnic cultures."When we started rehearsing with the Egyptian orchestra, I could feel that Plant and Page were starting a little journey again," he said. It was some kind of journey which -- in the end -- fell into the clutches of the corporate promotional thingy."Next time, Mr.Plant said, he hoped to collaborate with the Jbala musicians of northwest Morocco: "The other day I spoke to one of the chaps who helped us out in Morocco, and he said: ' Robert, I've found these guys that really want to work with you. Those are the people that can put you into such a state that you can cut yourself with Moroccan daggers and be covered in blood and feel nothing, and at the end of the song, the blood's gone.'"I don't know if it's quite the same as Teardrop Explodes," Mr.

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