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We assure you that we will not track, record or sell your private information to any 3rd party in any case.

Even if something of such sort is involved, you can just opt out of it as the power of decision lies with you. However, if we are approached by some government agency, we will be liable to share your information in that case.

And then he turned over and made her massage his feet, then legs and then thighs.

When they woke up half hour later, Raj said " I want to do it properly now" and kissed her deeply.

And thus ended Raj's virginity and thus began a year long affair with his obliging maid.

His scrotum and penis were fully shaved and Sudha found it easy to massage his balls.

When he felt like he was ready, he asked her to pour warm oil on his ramrod erect penis and motioned her to stroke slowly in an up and down motion. In no time he was on top of her and nearly tore her blouse in his attempt to suck her breasts.

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