Tai sora dating

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- I think I said something along the lines of: thanks to those of you who have read and reviewed my stories. She looked the saddest he'd seen her in a long time."Sora.." Tai said nervously.

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Besides, his other friends are there to.” Tai: “Chill, I was joking.” Kari: “Why are you so happy? They looked, on the outside like a perfect couple, totally in love. Small fights had put their relationship on the rocks. I just wanted to talk and stuff.." She said as she let out a small sob."Sor, what's wrong? She threw on her coat and walked slowly to the park they had always played in as children. The day was windy, but the sky was clear for the most part. Matt's band had finally got a big touring deal, and matt wanted Sora to join him on the road. " He said genuinely concerned."I just need to talk to you in person. " She pleaded over the phone."Sure, I guess." He said, a little hesitant. A few rain clouds were on the horizon, trying to damper the beautiful day out right now. Sure it sounded like fun, but Sora could not forget about finishing her senior year at high school and her dreams of college the next fall. For a long time Sora had hoped that they would be more than just friends, but then Matt asked her out. He was doing something in his room."I think so, I just need to talk to someone right now…""Sora, you know you can always talk to us. "Oh here he comes." She said as she took the receiver and gave it to Tai."Hello, this is Tai." He said."Tai…""Oh hi Sora. Matt wanted her to quit school and be with him "full-time." To Sora the idea of marriage and commitment of body and soul to one person was her ultimate dream. Never before had Sora been this gloomy."K, I'll try and see if he's home…. She decided that Taicho didn't like her as anything more than a friend and accepted Matt's invitation. That number was the first she had committed to memory as a little child, because they were always together. "I was calling to see if Tai was home." She explained."Just a sec, I'll go get him." Kari said as she began to yell his name.

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