Suicidal dating

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Unfortunately, at age 35, it seems like all the women are either too picky, enjoying their job a little too much, extraordinarily picky, physically unwell, or unbelievably picky. Some have advised me never to discuss this, not even with my wife. Arnie Rosie and Sherry's Answer: Dear Arnie, Thanks for writing to us. Many more people than you may realize have experienced what doctors call a major depressive episode. Many of these people recover and only experience a major episode of depression once in their lives, while others will have relapses and recurrences.

Because treatment for depression has an extremely high success rate, the vast majority of people who seek treatment can manage their condition with therapy, medication and a supportive environment.This is true for any medical condition that must be managed through medication, any kind of ongoing therapy, or lifestyle choices.You've learned to function at your best, and probably have an "arsenal" of relaxation exercises and cognitive techniques that help at times when it's difficult to maintain your equilibrium.Further, because you have a chronic condition, you may have a recurrence in the future.While we all hope this doesn't happen, a recurrence will affect your spouse as well as you.

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