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On this blog you will find lots of naked vids and nude chicks, some secretly recorded by their boyfriends, some made by the girl themselves.This site is a stick database of the best webcam movies!Next to that, pictures like this mostly seem to be IG or pro, and we have seen a s**tload of them making HP. Don’t think it is right to trash a pic someone else may like.tartoot - Since I've been here what I've noticed is what seems kind of like the opposite of what you're saying.Another reason for me not to say (y) to a pic like this. I think you're right that people who like a nice face regardless of skin shown won't down vote a nice body and maybe will just pass.It certainly makes be discouraged to upload pictures of nice faces with no skin, knowing the disappointment of a certain population of voters.If this is, haha, some kind of war between facers and skinners then maybe facers should start down voting 'just skin' instead of passing. For those of us who experienced it at its best lets just be grateful.I indeed didnt downvote this one as I think the girl is gorgeous.

But a pair of eye-covering shades for me are a no-go as like Heber I really need to see the face and eyes. There is so much choose already here to just upvote every picture. Luckily, otherwise a site like this would be boring.Nor are any photos commonly found elsewhere on the Internet.These criteria are the necessary requisites for successful uploading.Plenty get way more up votes, if anyone is interested.Maybe it's time for those us who are disappointed in the HP most the time, because of the ratio system, to start using the thumbs down instead of just passing on everything we think should get through, but don't think should get our thumbs up either.

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