Spring dating

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It was so much fun to gather up these 40 different ideas for you all to enjoy. Now browse through and pick your top 2 or 3 (hopefully MORE) and have a fun date-filled Spring!

Dating in Spring is not exactly a walk in the park.

Dinner parties are so much fun, but this takes it to a new level.

Make it a PROGRESSIVE dinner night and get ready to socialize, eat some great food, and get a little tour of your friend’s houses – all in one night!

This is exactly what you need – a girl who will be there by your side and making sure you have the time of your life.

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Pick some destinations around the city you have never been to, add it to the printable book provided in this date, and have a year full of dates at restaurants you’ve never tried. I have to admit that I LOVED watching the show Fear Factor, and even contemplated sending in an application, but I never followed through (probably because I knew my fears would get the best of me :). This is a perfect date to really be adventurous and see how far you can push yourself! I am all about having fun with my spouse – especially if it’s in a friendly competition with games that I MIGHT be able to win – LOL – not likely.

This is probably every man’s dream – to be able to have a whole night without having to wear his clothes. Plan a whole date night full of fun, ‘normal’ activities (dinner, movies, etc.), but the real fun of the night is you must do everything in your birthday suit. Play your childhood favorite games for a whole night…WAIT did I say childhood games – I meant childhood games but ADULT version. Go to the park and challenge your spouse to fun-filled games of competition.

Their looks will blow your mind as soon as you will look into those deep sexy eyes and feel this athletic body next to you.I’ve always wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, without feeling any hassle. You can have a wonderful, fancy night without having to leave the comfort of your own home.Spring is the perfect time to clean out your closets.Everyone needs a relaxing night…one full of spoiling and being pampered.This date is perfect to get you and your hubby really ready for Spring by giving each other back rubs, manicures, and you can’t forget a pedicure to get your feet ready for sandals again!

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