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OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075-0106 • Tel.: (212) 570-3566 Fax: (212) 570-3587 Email: [email protected] Dimitriou, Executive Director of Administration Email: [email protected] Andriotis Executive Administrative Assistant Email: [email protected] Petersen Human Resource Manager Email: [email protected] Dimitriou The Office of Administration has the responsi- bility for the administrative, financial, legal and development functions of the Archdiocese. Metropulos Hadjiyannakis-Bender Eighty Four, PA President New York, NY Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek Rev. Nicholas Kyritsis Orthodox School of Theology Ron Harb Sterling Heights, MI Brookline, MALittle Rock, AR The Honorable Paul Lillios Phyllis Michaelides Polly Maouris Hillier Northbrook, IL Providence, RIDirector St. We know, however, that we Email:[email protected] do our share. Pavlakos, Chairman To address the temporal needs of our cler- Rev. In direct response to to ensure consolidated data common across all Parishesa call from parishes, and spanning from the parish through the for Metropolis and Archdiocese reporting, ease of use, and Archdiocesan levels, a three tier system was envisioned that other tangible benefits.

In implementing the Archdiocese’s mission, this department, in cooperation with the Chancel- lor’s Office, ensures that the Archdiocesan departments and institutions are meeting their objectives and operate within the administrative and financial guidelines set forth by the Arch- diocese. Luke Melackrinos Brooklyn, NY Hempstead, NY Ted Koinis Isidoros Garifalakis Pearland, TX John Metaxas Vancouver, WA Katonah, NY Dr. For the spiritual “securi-ty” of our souls we must pray, fast, confess Vicky Yotides,and live a Christ-like life. The system is push delivered data,would enable parish and ministry management, more consis- not accessible through an attempted pull, in direct responsetent and accurate reporting, financial tracking and reporting, to requirements of parishes regarding security and privacy.tri-directional communication, and other key objectives at all The second tier, the Metropolis level, is for the purpose oflevels.

The Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policy may be found online at: COUNCIL10 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075-0106 • Tel.: (212) 570-3511,12 • Fax: (212) 570-3592 Email: [email protected] Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America, President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEMichael Jaharis George V. Alkiviadis Calivas Charlotte, NCBoston, MA Needham, MA Dr. Katos Mike Manatos Dean, Hellenic College Washington, DCJames Fountas Brookline, MAMetropolis Council Vice President Nikiforos Mathews Metropolis of New Jersey Michael Kavourias Stamford, CTScotch Plains, NJ Manhasset, NY George V. Clergy data, including tenure andproject management, communications, systems analysis, tech- benefits, are specific to this level.

with other departments of the Archdiocese The Press Office is the daily conduit through which the Press gets information on the life and workings of the • Developing and maintaining a crisis plan and proce-Archdiocese.

Paul’s charge, is a Christian duty and • Developing and reassessing clear goals in cooperationan important ministry.

Adamantiades Northeastern University [email protected], MA International Monetary [email protected] D. Subcommittee on Bioethics and Medical Issues;fundamental questions, such as those related to the beginningand end of life, human reproduction, the way we receive and Coordinator: Prof. Dimitriouconsists of clergy and lay-persons withparticular interest and professional exper- Mrs. Douvres, Lay Representativetise in the areas the committee oversees. He hasdissemination; obituaries of clergy and lay leaders of the and will continue to work with Director of Archives Nikie Church; listings of clergy ordinations and assignments Calles in researching the history of the Church in Americaand other information. Other potential contributors also will be approached and invited to make• Teaching tool: Articles relating to the dissemination the Orthodox Christian faith by theologians and clergy.

Because such develop- mittee has been organized in three Subcommittees as follows:ments are novel and because they have the capacity to affect 1. Giannakopoulos, Chairmanmeets at least four times a year. diocese in community public interest organizations, develops pertinent community relations, monitors community events In particular the Press Office is responsible for: and activities and interfaces with various event organizers.• Responding and answering journalist’s inquiries• Writing, editing and distributing press releases, media 107ORTHODOX OBSERVER8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075-0106 • Tel.: (212) 570-3555 • Fax: (212) 774-0239 Web: Email: [email protected] Golding, (Chryssoulis), Editor Email: [email protected] Pissalidis, Greek Section Editor/Production Email: Eleftherios [email protected] Montoya, Graphic Artist Email: [email protected] Podaras, Administrative Assistant Email: [email protected] Orthodox Observer is the national publication of the Metropolis News and Features Archdiocese and serves to communicate in the followingcapacities: The contributions to the Orthodox Observer from each Metropolis have continued to increase, especially with A recap of the functions of the publication: regard to youth-related activities at summer camps and GOYA Olympics.• News: Coverage of significant events at the Ecu-menical Patriarchate, Archdiocese, Metropolis and Parish Long-range projectlevels to inform Church members. William• Publication of Record: Texts of official messages of Samonides, contributor of the Church History feature inthe Ecumenical Patriarchate and Archdiocese relating to the Observer, has begun to gather information relating toencyclicals and other official documents for widespread the Observer’s coverage of the centennial year.

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