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I rate the women in Moscow slightly below their counterparts in Kiev in terms of beauty.However, I found them to have slightly better bodies.You can contact any of the organisers with questions.Wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you, for public responses.Chat with Travellers, Locals, Residents and Expats.Ask and Answer Questions about Travel, Culture, Relationships, Applying for Visas, Translators, Interpreters, and More.If I had to guess, an ideal place to live would be Italy or Spain. They enjoyed listening to my terrible Spanish and remarked how beautiful it was. They are angry about the sanctions and feel Russia is being treated unfairly.I found it best to politely change the conversation, stating that I am not political and I wish the situation to improve soon. This is a chic venue, better suited for a date spot.

I was wondering, however, if anyone has some experience of speed dating in Moscow and could recommend any place?Give Advice, Read Trip Reports, Share Experiences and Make Friends.- Meet a new person every 7 minutes at a separate table- Exchange contacts right at the table or using our service next day via e-mail- Meet ~15 dates in a 2,5 hour event- English speaking hostess will help with questions- Office professionals - managers, specialists and such- Majority are Russian with at least basic English-speaking skills Safe and friendly atmosphere guaranteed!No shit tests or inquisition as to why I was in Russia.My sense is that they are not desperate to leave their country, but they would if they found the right man. They want a man to make decisions and they have a desire to put their trust in a man.

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