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The final version of the website is still several months away, but Auto Harvest has been adding important partners, including the U. Patent and Trademark Office, and is up to 204 organizations that have put up information on their needs or capabilities at the site,

Auto Harvest is an IP marketplace where researchers and companies can offer their technology and patents for possible licensing deals.

When the Tech Town-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit was announced in August 2011, co-founder and CEO Jayson Pankin, who previously spent seven years helping Delphi Corp.

commercialize its intellectual property and spin off for-profit companies, hoped to go from an alpha version to beta version to final version of the technology clearinghouse's website by the end of 2012.

"If Auto Harvest can carve a niche for smaller companies looking to sell two or three patents, they are definitely going to fill a need." One member of Auto Harvest's Innovation Hub is a competitor, Chicago-based Intellectual Property Exchange International Inc., or IPXI, which acts as a financial exchange for licensing and trading IP rights.

The for-profit exchange performs due diligence, negotiates legal documents creates a public offering-like pricing for licensing mature technology.

It includes the data on the federal grants; access to a searchable database of import-export trade of more than 50 companies, including U. trade with the world; access to a database listing capabilities for North American manufacturers and distributors; a link to a patent brokerage; and contact information for area patent attorneys.

It is hard for Pankin to track successful matchups between companies that have technology and those seeking it. Steven Crumb, executive director of automotive open-source software nonprofit Genivi Alliance, said operating as a nonprofit fuels cooperation for Genivi and others, like Auto Harvest.The foundation also received 0,000 from the Flint-based C. Mott Foundation to help launch operations and begin building a rudimentary alpha version of a website.Pledging support, and in some cases cash, at the time of launch were more than 60 organizations, including Ford; Chrysler Group LLC; General Motors; Ohio State University; Kettering University; Visteon Corp.; Delphi; 3M Corp.; TARDEC; Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.Ian Mc Clure, director of IPXI, said Auto Harvest has created a niche for earlier-stage tech collaboration and will create a funnel to IPXI as the technology advances. "For every R&D stage, there's a need; companies are asking, 'Do I spend R&D on developing this technology or look for what's already out there? IPXI launched its first licensing deal recently, involving 600 patents associated with organic light-emitting diode technologies for display screens from Koninklijke Philips N. The licenses are being sold as five square meters of OLED panels per license, which is enough for 700 smartphones, Mc Clure said.

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