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So for the moment, as long as Parliament does not rectify Act 32 of 2007, children between the same ages of 12 and 16 may have consensual sex with each other without prosecution.

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Some see this as a strange regulation given the fact that sexual acts for 16-year-olds and above are permitted and ages 12 to 16 are permitted between those of the same age, if they perform the act in person.Persons also need to be weary of the age of becoming an adult (age 18 in South Africa), where the parents of a child still has authority about what he or she may consent to whilst under age 18.South Africa also has a complex definition for what is considered a ‘sexual act’, and it is important that all persons are well aware of what is considered sex as per definition of the law.The consent for sex between the ages of 12 and 16 has also been hotly debated in newspapers, social media and even a court of law, with no proposal or amendment to the current act to resolve the issue (by May 2014).Consensual sex is also allowed between children where one is below 16 and the other one above 16, provided that the age difference between them is not more than two 2 years.

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