Somaya reece dating

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Somaya holds an American nationality and belongs to Salvadorian ethnicity.Talking about her education, during her school life, she was engaged in school but mostly to extra-curricular activities.

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She is bisexual and was previously engaged to a Lady Luck.She has accumulated all the wealth from her career as an actress.She is also a rapper and has released numerous songs till date which can all be viewed on You Tube and other music sites.She says its all in the eyes, and that a woman should pay attention to how her man looks at her."The automatic red flag is if they're not doing any of those things and especially if they can't give you eye contact," she told SOHH."If a man can't give you eye contact, you should know you're already in the booty call zone. To me, not getting eye contact is always a red flag.""If you don't have enough respect to look at me in my eyes while you speak to me, then we can't have a second date," she added.

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