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Ultimately though, most of this all comes about because the underlying systems that applications depend upon in a typical Linux distribution are not properly release engineered.

I have to admit that this is just a workaround while we find a better software release and dependency management system.

If by system, you're referring to technology, then I disagree.

In other words, the technological constraints of today's package management systems are not the primary issue, rather it is how the software itself is being developed and managed and the available resources to do so.

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Visit Stack Exchange This problem may occur on a 64-bit machine when one installs 32-bit software that requires canberra-gtk-module. In this case, the solution is to install the 32-bit version: Thank you for your interest in this question.

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    I don't think just setting the value as a property is sufficient, since I think that will change the cursor position on some browsers.