Size of online dating market

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From the days of ancient China when swallows were used to decide a suitable match and the Biblical stories of the camel test to the wacky scientific methods of the 1920’s and then onto the online world of today.Consequently, it is no surprise that the business is booming with the many thousands of apps and websites available.In 2011, after Facebook limited access to its platform, they grew their business without depending on any company or any single country, but with global principles in mind.

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The closeness they feel the internet is giving them reflects on their offline behavior, which is more social than their age group would imply.

Average time spent daily by users on mobile dating apps Users of Grindr, for instance, give more than half an hour per day to use the app.

Meanwhile, users of OKCupid, Match and Tinder devote 13 to 15 minutes of their day to find the best date.

However, young people aren’t the only ones looking for a partner in this digital dating revolution. alone the online dating industry is estimated to be worth over .5 billion according to data from Market Research.

A study has revealed that 55–64-year-olds are also flocking to online dating in increasingly greater numbers. The sector is expected to maintain continuous growth, with a study by Statista predicting a global annual revenue growth rate of 3.9 percent from 2018 to 2022.

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