Singapore caucasian dating

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In that moment, she reminds of a story Caroline had shared.

When both she and Brad once went to Brawn and Brains for brunch, and subsequently took a walk in the Geylang area, she became painfully conscious that people looked at her as though she was a working girl.

Many years ago, I freelanced for a client whose resentment towards Caucasians had accumulated this way.

Having dealt with “ang mohs” before he started his own business, he detested them, categorising them as lazy, parasitic workers who took credit for everything everyone else did.

I would never let this minority change anything," says the 39 year-old fitness trainer.

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When it comes to stereotypes, 35 year-old Brad, who’s Canadian and works as a chiropractor, says, “I’m aware of them, but at the end of the day I know people are going to see what they want and think what they want.

“People need to stop perpetuating the idea that Singaporeans are losers or inferior to Caucasians, and this begins with ourselves! Adding that not all Caucasian men are rich expats, Deborah also comments that as far as her experiences go, Singaporean men tend to want their partners to put the family and children first.

Not that these are bad things, she says, but when a woman isn’t like that, they then tend to be considered “not wife material.” So far, the Caucasian men she has interacted with all value women who can hold their own in conversations, have a career they’re passionate about, and are independent.

To her husband Simon, ethnicity is utterly irrelevant.

If you think about it, none of these things are necessarily good or bad. But for Singaporeans who might be unhappy about their career or romantic prospects, foreigners become convenient whipping boys.

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