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With stunning illustrations by Jos�e Bisaillon, this simple board book shows children that the way they see the world--by heart, mind and imagination--is just right.Reveling in metaphor, The Moon Is a Silver Pond encourages that magical leap of imagination and asks the reader to look at everyday objects from a different perspective.The illustrations are very nice; but I need more story than what is here.Or at the very least a way to draw all the items together.

It's really just a bunch of random circular items someone wanted to draw, I assume.This looked perfect for a bedtime read and I thought this would be good.But comparing the moon to anything even if it didn’t make any sense, made me lose a lot of interest in this one.I love board books that have a bit of a story to them and was always drawn to those board books for The Bear and The Bee that had a little more to them other than simple one word pages with pictures.Don’t get me wrong, those books certainly have their place in our libraries, but it’s books like The Moon is a Silver Pond that will allow our young children to expand their thinking, open their minds to the beauty of the world around them and to think in vivid colour.

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