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During the middle ages Christmas caroling was popular, but was dance focused, with a lead singer and a ring of dancers that provided the chorus.The tradition of singing carols in church did not start until the late 1800s.

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The word "Christmas" originates from the term "Christ's Mass".Some of the city's residents sought out symbols of the city's non-English past.New York had originally been established as the Dutch colonial town of New Amsterdam, so the Dutch Sinterklaas gift giver became known as Saint Nicholas.Dickens took Christmas away from the community/church based celebration and made it into a family-centered festival of generosity (family gatherings, seasonal food and drink, dancing, games, and a festive generosity of spirit).Then, in what most historians agree was the most significant Christmas related development in the past 150 years, a website named was launched in 2004 to allow people to chat live with Santa Claus over the Internet.

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