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They were Christian elitists, who, according to many “survivors” (they have their own website), elevated the role of men to such a level, that sexual assault was tolerated. At 44, he has probably recognized that it was foolish and arrogant, if not downright dangerous, to write a book against dating before he was even married.I have not seen his documentary renouncing his former views or read anything about it beyond knowing that it exists.Fame is like money—getting it too young can destroy you.

This week we learned that former homeschooler and child-author Joshua Harris not only left his wife, but also has announced that he is departing from the faith.I have already had someone ask me, “How could someone so godly walk away?” This blog is not meant to judge Joshua Harris, but to help you understand how a famous author and pastor could deny the Bible he preached.But I also recognize that it is not always practical and it has its downfalls, and Don’t get me wrong.I am a fan of homeschooling—if the parents are fully committed.

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