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During that weekend he was supposed to come back and get me but sent me a text message telling me he wasn’t coming back and that he had met someone else her Kayla and moving her in with all of my stuff still there while they got rid of all of my jewelry sold everything I owned of value and kept whatever they wanted the only thing I got back was a couple of movies yearbooks and my dresser and clothes.I only got the dresser back after I went to Magistrate’s court to fight him for it.

So you see they both live off the system but the thing that hurts the most is the fact that my son to this day at seven and a half almost eight years old asked me why doesn’t his dad have anything to do with him and I don’t have the heart to tell him that he has three other children that he does for that my son is the only one that he refuses to claim or do anything for and this hore has no problem with him disowning his son if she was a real woman she wouldn’t want to be with a man who abandoned his own son.Long story short my son and I lost everything because they also stole a baby cradle that I bought for my son antique baby cradle at a second hand store.He now is married to her with two other kids and signed away his rights to my son before he even took the chance to bond with my son he would rather have the trailer trash than to help with his own son they live off the system 0 worth of food stamps and a 3-bedroom to 4 bedroom double-wide modular home while they go on vacations and I struggle to get by on disability.This nasty b**** met my ex while we were still together expecting a baby and had two young boys at home one who was 3 and the other who was 11 years old at the time and we were expecting a baby boy.She knew that we were expecting a baby boy yet she wrote a letter telling my ex that she wanted to f*** him and get married and have his kids and that he and she wouldn’t fight like we did what she didn’t know was that he was leaving me at home with his three-year-old at the time while he was out fuking her.

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