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Bend police, assisted by Deschutes County sheriff's deputies, Redmond and Sunriver police and Oregon State Police, conducted the "proactive operation targeting human trafficking" between 9 a.m. Several suspects were contacted at several hotels and one, Rennell Buen, 23, of Portland, was arrested on six counts of promoting prostitution (trafficking) as well as one count of methamphetamine possession.He remained held late Thursday at the Deschutes County Jail on ,000 bail. Spear, 52, was cited and released on a charge of soliciting prostitution.

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One victim's mother told me, ‘The internet is the key that opens the locked door of your home, and every predator has your key.Burleigh explained to News Channel 21 that the female suspects were not identified because they could also be victims, "coerced into that way of life" by those who exploit them.He said a similar operation was done a few years ago, though it might not have been similarly publicized.Burleigh said, "People are starting to understand -- there's so much going on with human trafficking, how much of it is manipulation by the people trying to make the money off of it.There's a better understanding what it means.""We're really in the mindset of trying to save these people -- men or women or children who are being used for a purpose to make money for somebody else -- and get them out of the situation they are in," he added."We know a lot of under-age kids are being used -- early, late teens into their 20s, so started at a young age.

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