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A careful look still reveals a slightly lighter tail color, almost a pink hue.

It's always helpful to have more than one image when identifying species, age, sex, etc. Below are a few of my favorite Prairie Falcon images from previous encounters over the past few years. You can tell by the way it is hunkered down and fluffed out that it was a very cold morning.

The abundance of hunters and dogs had raptors seeking better hunting fields of their own.

After coming across the same scene in several nearby fields I decided to go to a place where I was fairly certain there would be no hunters scaring off the raptors.

I think it shows fairly well how younger Prairie Falcons tend to look a little more streaked rather than spotted on the belly.

The spots appear closer together and more in a line.

However, you can see in this first image how hundreds of blackbirds were seeking safety in the tree as the falcon passed.

Seeing and photographing just one Prairie Falcon yesterday was a treat.

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It has been a very reliable place for seeing eagles, hawks, and falcons during winter months.Sometimes they glide and then increase their speed with rapid shallow wing beats when they engage in the pursuit of prey.Identification: Prairie Falcons are a sandy brown color on their top side and white with sandy brown spots on the flanks and chest area on the bottom side.Here are some images of yesterday's falcon showing the facial pattern common to Prairie Falcons.The bright yellow skin colors of the legs, cere (skin around the nasal passages), and around the eye is indicative of an adult bird.

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